Gideon Bullock

Product Owner and Product Design Director

Over the last 20 years I have hired, managed and developed design and product teams, directing their efforts to deliver absolute value aligned with business needs and customer's needs.


I’m able to define, implement and combine lean product principles with well-structured teams driving at clear objectives and goals. I have an excellent feel for the interaction between product, design and technology and the product magic that can happen when they’re brought together effectively. I have significant expertise in delivering web, mobile and offline customer experiences and understanding the interplay between them.


My focus is on delivering customer and business value as quickly as possible through rapid iteration and applied design thinking rooted in a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, motivations, and behaviours to create the best user experience possible. I am able to deliver on all aspect of the product design lifecycle from initial research using both quantitative and qualitative inputs, to prototyping to pixel perfect UI.


I have an in-depth understanding of branding and how brand must be threaded into a business and product experience to be truly effective. I am a visual designer by training but understand that design is far more than a veneer. Technology is a means to an end, it's rarely the differentiator, what wins is exceptional product experience, and that’s what I look to deliver.


Product design experiment

Product process

Visualisations of product design process


Product and web design


Product design


If you want to find out more about what I do, you can find me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter and if you have a moment or two you might like to read some stuff I've written for over on Medium. You can grab my CV here and see what I've been doing to keep myself busy over the last couple of decades.